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Set Up Guerrilla Marketing System

    You must differentiate yourself from the competition. In a world of the same, you have to position yourself and your services as something different than everyone else and something that your ideal patient can’t get anywhere else.

Implement Reverse Marketing

    Once you differentiate yourself from the competition, you have to create a system for attracting and converting your leads consistently. I refer to this as “Creating A Conveyor Belt Of Qualified Leads”

Simplify Your Services While Maximizing Your Impact

    This is where most Integrative Medicine Doctors get stuck the most. They try to find a solution for everyone and for every problem. The more niche your service and product is, the faster and easier it will be for you to streamline that service. Doing so will not cause you to lose out on people that you could be helping, rather, it will maximize your impact and allow you to service more of the people and solve more of the problems that you’re best at!
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